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We deliver your services to the cloud.

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From continuous integration to cloud services, we provide end-to-end IT solutions to help you optimize cost, ensure security, and maintain high performance.


At our company, we pride ourselves on the professional competencies of our colleagues which are greatly underlined by the diverse range of certificates they hold. These accreditations affirm our dedication to maintain the highest industry standards and help us continually refine our skills.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate (3)
AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate (1)
AWS Certified Developer - Associate (1)
Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (5)
Certified Kubernetes Administrator (4)
Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist (2)
Red Hat
Red Hat Certified Engineer (1)
Red Hat Certified System Administrator (1)
Openjs Node.JS Services Developer (1)
Certified Git Associate (1)
Certified Gitlab Associate (1)
CodeFactory: Our vision

Our vision

At Codefactory, our vision is to lead the way towards the future by creating better, sustainable and seamless software systems

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    Scalable solutions

    Applying cutting-edge technologies, we design scalable cloud and microservice solutions.

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    Cost effective Cloud & DevOps technologies

    Our mission is to help organizations create futureproof DevOps solutions, to maximize efficiency and significantly reduce operational costs

  • 3

    Automated CI/CD processes

    With the help of automation, we shorten the time to market and ship your latest features even faster.

Words from real customers

" Based on many years of working together, I can say that Code Factory works with high quality and accuracy. I must especially highlight the expertise with which they approach development. For me, thinking together and finding the right solution has always been important and I can always count on Code Factory's expert support. "

" Our partnership with Code Factory has accelerated our business and IT operations. Utilizing Code Factory's innovative cloud services, we have been able to respond to fast-changing market demands faster than ever before, which has enabled us to meet the diverse needs of our clients and yet manage our projects effectively. The level of service was of the highest grade. We are glad that we made the right decision to operate in the cloud, making us more resourceful. "

" We reached out to the Code Factory team to help us make our Terraform modules better and more flexible. Right from our first call, it felt like we clicked and shared the same vibe. Once they got a good grasp of what we needed, they suggested using Terragrunt, which we thought was a great idea. Even after they finished the job, they didn't just disappear; they checked in on us and updated some packages to keep everything running smoothly. Working with them was a breeze and really comfortable. Highly recommend! "

" The team at Code Factory Ltd. has been supporting the strategic goals of Magyar Telekom Nyrt. in cloudification for over 7 years now with their youthful energy and deep professional expertise. I consider their contribution to be a key factor in our digital transformation, and therefore, I confidently recommend them to any organization looking to shift towards cloud computing and Kubernetes. "

" When I met the core team, we were all still working at Nextent. Even then, they were the guys who always "thought outside the box"! The technologies that I knew about they thought were old-school, the ones I'd only heard about were already in use, and the ones I didn't even know about they were already starting to implement somewhere for sure. I think they had devops, cloud and open-source as their sign in kindergarten! Although since then the guys have built their own company, fortunately their mentality and good relationship hasn't changed. Hope to be strategic partners for a long time to come! "

" Easy and efficient cooperation To working together with Code Factory was easy, because they understand our requests and issues swiftly, and they come up with solutions which really worked. With the guidance of Code Factory’s experts we were able to adapt our software architecture in a very short deadline. We successfully using the new architecture from the beginning our international scale up phase. "

" They are fast, accurate and awesome. They solved our problems several times even with extreme timing. With them, it is much easier to be a cloud native. "

" A solution-oriented, intelligent, effective team. Direct and good communication. Transparent and fair economic environment. Keep it up! We're staying. Highly recommend to everyone else expecting results. "



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